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Our Paso Robles Wine Country Story

Our Paso Robles Wine Country Story

Both of us were working at a brewery in 1992. It’s the same old story: bartender meets waitress, they fall in love, marry, and start a winery. Sherman started as a brewer and became an award winning brewmaster. He held that responsibility for 16 years.

Michelle left the bay area to complete her degree at UCSB. During that time we would frequently meet midway in Paso Robles. One evening we were the last guests at a Westside tasting room. All it took was a barrel sampling and a beautiful Paso Robles fall evening to know that this is where we belonged.

We married in 1998; Michelle worked in Silicon Valley, Sherman brewed beer and with his U.C. Davis classmate had a small wine making operation for ten plus years. Their wines garnered medals at various statewide competitions. In 2001 we began our search for a property on which we could convert our dream to a reality.

The birth of our first child further drove our property search. We craved a less urban lifestyle, less time on airplanes, less time in traffic and more time with family in a rural setting.

In July 2003 we attended a special wedding at the Kentucky Ranch, in the Adelaida area of Paso Robles. We were so captivated by the property that when, nine months later, it came on the market we immediately made an offer and our destiny was promptly sealed.

In July, 2006, we left Santa Cruz and became Paso Roblans. There are five of us now, as we’ve been blessed with three children. The winery and tasting room opened in 2008.

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